Osnat Bar-Or, Photography Teaching

2002-05  Head of photography program, Camera Obscura Art School, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004-07  Place and Belonging – Documentary photography for youth and women at Kufr Qara (1948 Palestinian community), Israel

2005 Photography courses, El-Manar College for Cinema and Communication, Taybe (a Palestinian community), Israel

2004 Place and Identity – photography courses at the Department of Communications , Sapir College, Sderot, Israel

1999-2000  Teachers training seminar, “The Voice of the Other”, the Institute for Democratic Education, Hadera, Israel

1996-99  Photography, The Democratic School, Hadera, Israel

1995-00  Photography, Wizo College of Art and Design, Haifa, Israel

1996-98 Photography, Jatt High School (1948 Palestinian community), Israel

1995-96  Photography, Art Department, University of Haifa, Israel

1989-92  Photography, TA, Purdue University, Indiana, USA


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