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The series Land was photographed in my daily close environment in Pardes-Hanna, Israel. The work brings forward traces of violence, abuse and neglect, both on a concrete level and on the metaphorical levels of feminist, environmental and political concerns. The photographs mark forces that oppress and neuter. These are signs of crisis and disrupted possibilities of life. Yet, next to the pain and loss, I hope that the photographs also bring a kind of hope and beauty, of other possibilities  embedded in our reality, a potential for sustainable, creative and fertile life.
Osnat Bar-Or, fall 2012.

Catalogue texts:

Discussion around Land 
Osnat Bar-Or, Norma Musih, Dr. Ariella Azoulay & Manar Zuabi:
An open talk on open living

Umbrella for the Sun
by Tomer Gardi

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