Parrhesia Art Collective

Parrhesia* is a group of Jewish and Palestinian artists and designers, all citizens of Israel, that exercise, together and each in his/her own way, a political practice of art. Political practice of art means using the tools and modes of thinking of art and design, with the aim of promoting justice, peace and democracy.
The group operated in two ways. The first is cooperating with social change organizations in creating communication materials campaigns, posters, exhibitions, books, magazines, videos etc. The group aims to strengthen the visibility of such organizations and communities, using visual materials that communicate in a clear and direct language, avoiding manipulation, seduction and aggression. We are trying to create a civil language that is in keeping with the values of democracy, equality and solidarity and to challenge forces of exclusion and exploitation.

Our second mode of work is independent creation of art works, graffiti, exhibitions, performances, workshops etc. We use art to experiment with the ideas and subjects that concern us and to communicate directly with the public in order to expose, challenge, learn and teach, making a crack within the frozen consensus, stimulating discussion, influencing the public discourse and creating new possibilities of life.

The portfolio of the group can be viewed here.

An interview by Karin Kasbock with Ofer Kahana and myself, the directors of Parrhesia – can be viewed here:

Some of the projects of Parrhesia that I was involved in were:

Through Language

Sedek – A Journal on the Ongoing Nakba

Women, Peace and Security

Bina Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture

*The term is Parrhesia borrowed from the Greek meaning literally “to speak everything” and by extension “to speak freely,” “to speak boldly,” or “boldness.” It implies not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk.




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