Aditional Projects

Position paper – Inclusion of Marginalized Communities into the Israeli Cultural Texture, Mandel Institute for Educational Leadership (2002).
The paper addresses an ongoing process of exclusion of marginalized communities from the sphere of art and culture, as it is in other fields as well. The paper suggests to the Ministry of Culture to actively support artists of excluded groups, to include them in decision-making teams, to foster establishment of art and cultures incubators and to offer art classes in schools of excluded groups. This should be done so that children and adults will be able to realize their part in the society and influence the formulation of the Israeli identity.

The Voice of the “Other”, Institute for Democratic Education (1999-2000)
As part of the teacher-training program of the Institute for Democratic Education in Hadera, I initiated a seminar dealing with the artistic and cultural expressions of artists and communities who are under-represented in Israeli culture.

Media – A Language for Dialogue and Cooperation, self initiative (2004)
A collaboration of two cinema and communication departments at high schools in two neighboring communities: Faradis (Arab) and Ma’agan Michael (Jewish), to create a youth TV magazine as a model for multicultural television show where different narratives, identities and perspective coexist.


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