Sedek – A Journal on the Ongoing Nakba

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Sedek magazine brings critical writing and art that deals with the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) and its relevance to our contemporary lives in Israel. The Nakba was the destruction, expulsion, looting, massacres and incidents of rape of the Palestinian inhabitants of this country. It was keeping refugees out by force at the end of the war, in order to establish the Jewish state. And it is the ongoing destruction of Palestinian localities, the disregard for the rights of refugees and displaced people, and the prohibition against teaching and commemorating the Nakba in schools and civic groups.

Sedek magazine strives to make the Palestinian Nakba part of the Narrative in Hebrew and to connect it to our personal, spatial and political reality. During 2007-2011 we published six issues and a poetry book.
A short English version of the first issue can be viewed here.
The sixth issue was translated to English and can be viewed here.

Parrhesia members, including myself curated the art in Sedek and did the visual editing of the magazine. In order to view some of the art in Sedek, please press here

Editor: Tomer Gardi. Editorial team: Norma Musi, Ayoub A’mar, Ofer Kahana and Osnat Bar-Or..

Publication of Zochrot organization, Parrhesia group and Pardes Publishing House.


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