Through Language

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Through Language is a visual dictionary of Arabic and Hebrew words presented in public space. The project Through Language is a response to the process of erasure of the Arabic Language from public life in Israel. The project was made by Parrhesia members – Jewish and Palestinian artists and designers. The project was done in several art exhibitions and art festivals and also in the demonstrations of summer 2011 in Tel-Aviv. The graffiti of Through Language was also presented in Vienna, both in the Essle Museum and in the Augarten neighborhood simultaneously in the framework of the exhibition Overlapping Voices – Palestinian and Israeli artists. In Vienna we added the German language to the Arabic and the Hebrew languages. Giving a presence to the Hebrew and the Arabic languages in Europe  brings up issues of the presence of Jews and Arabs in Europe in the light of xenophobia and anti-Semitism, in past and present times. It also challenges perceptions that view our cultures as a threat and as enemies. In addition, it suggests multicultural alternatives of listening and mutual learning.

Jerusalem 2006, Jaffa, 2007, Vienna, 2008, Tel-Aviv 2009 Tel-Aviv 2011


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